Truck mount carpet cleaning is a water-based vacuum-extraction cleaning method that is definitely extra potent and may be more successful than solvent-based solutions.

BSCs can choose involving two different forms of truck mount systems: Slide-in truck mounts, which are powered by their own engines and are constructed inside a frame or chassis which is bolted in to the vehicle, and van-powered truck mounts, that are powered off of the engine of the vehicle. With each alternatives, the machines supply the cleaning resolution, heat, stress and vacuum for the cleaning operation.

Slide-in truck mount systems is often utilised on several different vehicles and can be very easily transferred from one particular car to an additional. These systems also consume reduce amounts of gas. Nonetheless, slide-in truck mounts take up loads of cargo space. They may be also usually extra complex to operate and have larger upkeep requirements.

Van-powered systems, around the other hand, are much more compact, so they take up significantly less interior space from the automobile. They also commonly require much less upkeep so they are additional trustworthy. In contrast to slide-in systems, van-powered extractors are limited in vehicle alternatives. In addition they consume much more gas; for the duration of final year’s gas cost spikes, this would have been a concern for many BSCs.

Despite their differences, both truck mount versions are capable to clean carpets more rapidly than portable machines. And considering that they don’t need to be emptied generally like portable extractors, quite a few BSCs tout their convenience, as well.

“You can’t beat the power or the heat and also the virtually endless water supply,” says Bob Merkt, owner of Kettle Moraine Experienced Cleaners Inc., West Bend, Wis. “We carry 110 gallons of clean water vs. the portables that you need to frequently fill and dump out.”

Considering that all of the solution tanks, cleaning items and waste tanks are mounted on the automobile, there isn’t any need to have for an exterior power or water source to carry out the cleaning operation.

“You won’t need buckets of water and options to carry by way of the constructing, so the chance of spilling is tremendously lowered,” says Jim Thompson, owner of A1 Building Services, Wyoming, Mich. “All the dirty water containing the soil is vacuumed in to the waste tank mounted on the automobile.”

Truck mount extractors remove soil, chemicals and pollen from carpets much easier than portables for the reason that suction is stronger and also the water gets heated to a higher temperature.

“I would say that it’s a minimum of three occasions faster than working with the portables,” says Merkt.

Portable Energy
Transportable extractors have come a long way in the last decade and many BSCs choose them towards the truck mount extractors.

“I’ve looked into truck mounts, practically bought them, but just didn’t recognize why they are so much far better,” says Evelyn Pino, owner of Action Janitorial in Pleasantville, N.J. “With a transportable machine you could easily transport them from floor to floor, you are able to get into smaller spaces and you can get up in tight corners. Plus, do you definitely have to have all that power that a truck mount offers you?”

If a BSC is working on a high-rise building, he will not be able to use a truck mount program. Even though truck mounts use optimistic displacement vacuum pumps that enable them to clean quite a few hundred feet away in the unit with minimal loss of power, they may be not advisable for use at these extended distances, as the hoses start off to lose pressure as soon as they attain 150 feet. Therefore, something above the third floor of a constructing is not going to be cleaned as well.

Even when the hoses can reach, in some cases they are able to be also significantly of a nuisance in commercial cleaning.

“We operate for four diverse hospitals and we’re coping with five-, six-, seven-story buildings and truck mounts aren’t a superb selection for the reason that you don’t desire to be dragging hoses through the floors of a hospital, clearly,” Thompson says. “We use a few different systems and the dry-time for our systems are about 45 minutes. Shutting down an area for six to seven hours, which would be required if working with a truck mount, is not an solution.”

There’s also a safety element that have to be taken into account for all those who function at sensitive facilities.

“You’re not going to would like to leave a door open at a bank or lawyer’s office, where there could be useful or sensitive material inside, so a truck mount isn’t sensible for these environments,” says Merkt.

Portables, however, do have their own complications, such as continual emptying and refilling, specifically on floors that might not give access to a janitor’s closet.

“You might have to go to a further floor to empty and refill which adds time,” says Pino.

And staying longer at accounts is 1 issue BSCs desire to stay clear of.

There are actually a lot of methods of carpet cleaning. Two of the most common are bonnet cleaning and truck-mounted extraction.
Bonnet or spin cleaning
requires a rotary floor machine having a cleaning pad soaked in option. As it moves more than the carpet, the agitation causes dirt to be absorbed into the cleaning pad. The cleaning solution utilised with bonnet machines makes use of optical brighteners such as bleach which polish the cut fibers with the carpet, generating the carpet seem brighter and cleaner. Sadly, though bonnet cleaners are capable to eliminate some surface dirt, in addition they wind up pushing a great deal of dirt and cleaning solution additional down in to the carpet pile. This residue can then come to be a magnet for even more dirt.


By far the most efficient sort of bonnet cleaning for dirt removal is liquid encapsulation. This technique involves pre-spraying the carpet, bonneting more than it and then vacuuming up the resulting (dirt-encapsulated) foam that rises for the surface. Several individuals like bonnet cleaning mainly because it is relatively low-cost and easy to do. Even so, even though it may be beneficial for spot cleaning, this method is not typically suggested as a suggests of long-term carpet care mainly because it can be not probably the most successful at removing dirt.


Main Pros:
FastEquipment is simple to maneuver and carpet dries immediately.
InexpensiveEquipment charges are low and doesn’t demand highly-skilled labor to operate.


Major Cons:


Enhanced Chemical Load – Bonnet cleaning adds chemical compounds to a carpet.
Put on from Agitation – Over time the scrubbing pad can cause the carpet to fray and its seams to separate.
Shorter Carpet Life – The lifespan of a carpet
that’s exclusively bonnet cleaned is commonly half that of a carpet that is certainly cleaned utilizing truck-mount.


Greatest Utilizes of Bonnet Cleaning:

For spot cleaning and/or to

maintain the look of a carpet (weekly or month-to-month) in involving extraction cleanings.
very high-traffic locations exactly where there’s not sufficient time to use a truck mount (e.g. a busy hotel lobby). In these cases the comfort of bonnet-cleaning can outweigh the price of having to replace a carpet sooner.
For carpets
that have a history of being exclusively bonnet cleaned. Switching to truck-mounted extraction following prolonged bonnet cleaning may possibly cause staining because of the huge amount of impacted dirt that may be lifted up.

Truck-mounted extraction (a

variety of deep or hot water extraction) is typically, a much preferred approach of carpet care. As its name suggests, it uses a hose that is certainly mounted on a truck and shoots a mixture of hot water and cleaning option into your carpet. The pressure and temperature of the water agitates the carpet and loosens dirt which is then vacuumed back up by the hose.
system of carpet cleaning is highly helpful in removing dirt and needs pretty tiny cleaning option which can prolong the life of the carpet. The essential to this procedure is combining the ideal quantity of chemical, water temperature, water pressure and suction. Every of these components needs to be completely calibrated to attain the best results.


may be performed having a variety of diverse machines such as a portable tank-type extractor. The issue with this sort of machine is the fact that it can not reach higher adequate temperatures or sufficient vacuum or water pressure to clean and also a truck-mount.The importance of suitable chemical mixture should not be overlooked. It doesn’t matter in case you use the finest and most advanced machines in the sector if your chemicals will not be mixed correctly. The objective with chemical mixing is to take away dirt even though neutralizing the carpet’s PH. This really is accomplished with an alkaline mix pre-spray and acid rinse.


Main Pros:
Extends carpet life.
Really productive system of removing dirt from carpet pile.
Labor saving.


Major Cons:


charges are larger. Gear is pricey to get and keep and demands skilled labor to operate.
In the event the truck just isn’t setup proper, it can add also substantially water towards the carpet which may cause molding, mildew or other complications.
If extraction is performed
also usually, it could cut down the carpet life due to the fact the water will begin to separate the carpet from its backing.


Recommended Carpet Upkeep Procedures:


First and foremost, it truly is essential to determine your carpet’s care history. In case your carpet has a history of bonnet cleaning devoid of truck-mounted extraction, then it is actually almost certainly very best to stick with bonnet cleaning. Although making use of a truck-mounted extractor will take away a big amount of dirt, it is also probably to leave unsightly stains. The years of pushing the dirt down is going to be revealed by extraction. Stick with the bonnet.
For those who bonnet month-to-month to preserve the look of the carpet, extraction really should be completed quarterly or semi-annually according to use.
proper upkeep the life of a very good carpet must be about eight to ten years. If the carpet is exclusively bonnet cleaned, you are able to expect this time to be reduce in half.


In case your carpets had been lately cleaned and look dirty soon soon after, possible causes are:
pressure was too low or also high during cleaning.
options were not mixed correctly.
Suction was not
There was poor
strategy or handling of machinery (e.g. cleaning also rapidly).