Cubicle Walls and Partitions cleaning

If you are not ready to invest big bucks into new, used or refurbished office cubicles have us clean your existing cubicles today. Call today for Cubicle Partitions Cleaning!

  1. There are two types of installation:
  2. Cored walls
    • Adhesive fabrics are glued to a base material.
  3. Stretch walls
    • Stretch walls are stretched around a frame and usually have no surface behind them.

The modern office has moved away from collections of private rooms off of a central corridor to more open floor-plan designs. Office spaces are now created by dividing open areas with hastily erected cubicle or partition walls.

These temporary cubicle walls are often metal framed dividers about five feet high usually covered with fabric. The walls effectively segregate office spaces allowing some semblance of privacy between office staffers while still adhering to the open plan design concept.

While cubicles are an innovative way to maximize use of expensive office space, cubicle wall designers give little thought to their cleaning and maintenance. The only cleaning most office partitions will ever receive is the occasional wipe down with a damp towel.

Routine maintenance

Frequent vacuuming to remove dry soil and dust is the most effective way to keep office partitions clean and healthy. Many offices overlook or omit this from their routine cleaning plans because cleaning professionals lack hose attachments for their vacuums.

Janitorial companies also often skip partition cleaning because office workers have attached photos, to-do lists and other obstructions to the fabric walls.

It is not uncommon for office partition cleaning to be postponed or deferred so long that a complete restorative cleaning becomes necessary.

Restorative cleaning

Prior to cleaning, the partitions are often pre-sprayed or pre-wiped with a chemical agent called a dry encapsulating polymer. After proper dwell time, a brush may be used to gently agitate the chemical into the fibers and loosen and dissolve soils. Special attention is given to high-touch areas such as corners, edges, and tops.

Our office partition cleaning tool nozzles have enclosed spray jets. These help prevent overspray, maximize rinse and shorten drying times.

Drying and return to service

Partitions can take two to 24 hours to fully dry. Fans may be placed to speed drying if a more rapid return to service is required.