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Restaurant Booth Upholstery Cleaning Services Irvine CA

Upholstery for Restaurant, Hotels, Motels, Night Clubs, Hospitals and Clinics.

Do have a restaurant, hotel, motel, nightclub, hospital with old furniture? PacWest upholstery Cleaning has the solution. Reupholstering all your furnitures is cheap and easy to take decisions to improve your business. The first step you can do is take some pictures of your project, send us an email with description of your project. We will go to your business to talk about it, we will give advice in design, fabric color, kind of vinyl, and so on. We have professional upholsterer for commercial upholstery.

Improving business is our favorite task to do every day in our warehouse. Get an estimate. We have low prices for you!

Improving business since PacWest Upholstery Cleaning Service Company was born.

Commercial, Industrial, Office & Retail Carpet Cleaning Services – Irvine CA

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in Irvine CA – Services customers in Irvine CA for over 25 years in the most cost effective Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services using powerful truck-mounted carpet cleaning units designed for handling any size job in Irvine CA. Commercial Buildings require special cleaning machines to get stains and traffic lanes clean and normal soil Accumulation in any office space and requires periodic steam carpet cleaning.

Experience Counts!

Serving Irvine, CA and Orange County for 25 years. Our commercial carpet & rug cleaning clients re-up year after year…Our firm cleans of all types of commercial buildings. Our reputation for maintaining and restoring your carpet and upholstery speaks for itself. Spots, Stains, Repairs we extend the life when others can not.commercial carpet cleaning prices, irvine ca

Providing Professional Commercial Carpet Cleaning & Maintenance to: 

Our environmentally responsible carpet and detail cleaning cleaners employ state of the art PacWest carpet, stone and hard surface cleaning systems that restore and maintain over 30 million square feet per year. We service AAA hotels & motels, office buildings, convention centers, flex space, GSA , law firms,  apartment/condo buildings and the list goes on. We are ready to custom design your carpet cleaning program.

PacWest Carpet & Tile Cleaning in Irvine provides:

  • Professional Carpet cleaning in Irvine CA
  • Use of multiple carpet cleaning systems in Irvine CA
  • Energy efficient carpet cleaning systems in Irvine CA
  • Carpet Cleaning frequency specifications in Irvine CA
  • Warranty preservation in Irvine CA
  • Maintenance Programs in Irvine CA
  • Industry Recognized Carpet Cleaning Consultants in Irvine CA
  • Nationally known industry cleaning experts in Irvine CA
  • “Guaranteed Satisfaction” in Irvine CA
  • IICRC Certified Cleaners and Restorers in Irvine CA
  • Emergency Water Damage Restoration in Irvine CA
  • Carpet Cleaning Expert Witness in Irvine CA
  • Professional Upholstery and Leather Cleaning in Irvine CA
  • Stone Restoration and Maintenance in Irvine CA
  • Detail Cleaning of Kitchens and Wood Furnishings in Irvine CA

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