Marble/Travertine Polishing in Irvine CA

Marble Cleaning • Honing • Polishing • Sealing • Grinding

Marble has been chosen as a floor covering for thousands of years not only because it is durable but mainly because its ability to be a work of art. We have all the standard abrasives such as diamond pads and powders for cleaning, sealing and polishing marble. Our never ending effort to advance the abrasive processes for travertine have given us an advantage over our competitors because we can use these techniques for the beautification of marble as well.

The cleaning, finishing, and sealing methods for Marble are very similar to what we do for Travertine and Limestone. (Click here to return to Travertine Services)

 Some Important Notes on Marble:

Marble is a denser stone than Travertine which means less air pockets and less fill overall. It comes in a very wide variety of colors and usually looks its best at a medium high shine or high gloss polish. The very low amount of filler provides for a very clear and consistent shine throughout the Marble floor.

See what our customers say about our service:

Above Left: This Marble bathroom has a huge variety of colors that really stand out when polished.

Above Right: White Marble with a high gloss polish makes for a very elegant master bath entrance.

Seal Stone Floors

We are often asked, “Do I need to seal my marble or granite counter-top or floor?” The answer depends. No two pieces of stone are the same, and each piece of stone has different absorbency. If a piece of marble or granite can’t absorb anything, even a penetrating, or impregnating sealer, won’t absorb.
If your stone needs sealing, the frequency is dependent on the stone. If can be every six months, to a year or even two years between sealing. Your marble and granite represents an investment, and for it to look its best having it professionally cleaned, polished and sealed is your best option. We offer a free consultation; so ask an expert what’s best for your stone.You can do a quick test. Put a small amount of water (a tablespoon is fine) on your stone and leave it for a few minutes. If the stone under the drop of water gets darker, that means it’s absorbent. It does not matter where the stone is located in your home, it can be a kitchen counter-top or island top, a vanity top, a marble fireplace, floor tile, or pavers. If its natural stone, it might need sealing.

Cleaning  Marble, Granite, Travertine, Limestone, Slate…Irvine CA

These type of natural stone and made materials are highly desirable these days & highly used in surfaces like floors, counter-tops, showers, walls, etc. With this new use of natural stone in homes, offices, buildings & more has come an enormous lack of knowledge & misinformation regarding the best use & maintenance to keep these natural stone materials looking at their best.

Travertine Tile Cleaning, Polishing, Sealing & Hole Repair in Irvine CA

cleaning travertine floors, Tile Cleaning, Irvine, CATravertine is a very porous type of natural stone, dirt and debris get stuck in  its grooves causing the surface to look darker and dirty. A deep cleaning of the surface will usually get rid of most foreign objects and substances trap in its pores. Unlike Marble there are various types of finishes we can achieve with Travertine, ex: matte, honed, satin, semi-gloss & high-gloss. However, satin finish is the most popular with least maintenance that holds up the longest.

Limestone Restoration, Maintenance & Beautification – Irvine CA

Limestone is a soft porous stone. However, it is more resilient and better in terms of maintenance than its cousin Travertine. nevertheless it needs a good maintenance program to keep its surface looking nice and clean. It is recommended to use PH neutral cleaners to periodically clean the surface of limestone, this helps keep dirt and debris from clogging its pores. Different finishes can be achieved with limestone, matte and satin being the most popular.

Slate/Flagstone/Sandstone Cleaning, Sealing & Repair – Irvine CA

Overtime slate and flagstone have become very popular materials to use in home and building exteriors throughout Irvine & Orange County CA. With its popularity has also come a lack of knowledge on how this beautiful natural stones need to be maintain. At Pacific we like to educate our customers and also home/building designers and architects to avoid going through the pit falls of using low-density materials in high-exposure areas.

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