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Carpet Cleaning, Irvine, CA

Carpet Cleaning, Irvine, CA Your carpet and upholstery represent substantial investments in design, function, and image. Like other investments, they require careful, knowledgeable maintenance to provide lasting service and beauty. We maintain your carpet’s for a year-round new appearance. Residential Carpet Think vacuuming your carpet gets it clean? Think again. Even the best vacuum cleaner collects only a fraction of the dust, dirt and other allergens in your carpet, including pet dander...

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Ten Reasons to Have Carpets Cleaned Year Round, Irvine, CA

Ten Reasons to Have Carpets Cleaned Year Round, Irvine, CA   As the weather warms and people head outdoors, it is important that custodial departments don’t lose sight of what needs to be done inside. There are many reasons why carpets should not be neglected.   Properly cleaning and maintaining carpets: Prolongs the life of carpeting. Regular carpet cleaning using the extraction method can increase the life of carpets significantly, protecting your floor-covering...

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The Importance of Partition Cleaning Services for Your Office, Irvine, CA

The Importance of Partition Cleaning Services for Your Office, Irvine, CA Most companies have a dedicated go-to person when it comes to outsourced office cleaning, but these janitorial duties usually only extend to the floors, windows, countertops, and trash. Have you ever considered what else accumulates on the rest of your cubicles over the years? The amount of dust, dirt, and grime would shock even the most hardened office worker. That’s where we come in – to offer a little education on...

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Carpet and Upholstery Pet Odor Remediation, Irvine CA

Carpet and Upholstery Pet Odor Remediation, Irvine CA Pet urine odor, unless very mild, generally requires deep remediation work. Pad and sub-floor contamination are almost certain. Even though your carpet pad and the floor underneath are probably contaminated, remediation can usually be accomplished without having to lift the carpet. Understanding the problem, and limitations of available solutions, is critical to making an informed decision toward the most cost-effective and permanent...

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services, Irvine, CA

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services, Irvine, CA Maintain Your Image. Protect Your Investment Businesses spend millions of dollars on carpeting to project a powerful and competent corporate image.   Poor maintenance will ultimately adversely affect that professional image, waste thousands of dollars in misdirected cleaning costs, reduce product performance, and accelerate the need for replacement. Pacific Carpet & Tile Cleaning will help you extend the life of your expensive carpets,...

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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in Irvine CA – Services customers in Irvine CA for over 25 years in the most cost effective Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services using powerful truck-mounted carpet cleaning units designed for handling any size job in Irvine CA. Commercial Buildings require special cleaning machines to get stains and traffic lanes clean and normal soil Accumulation in any office space and requires periodic steam carpet cleaning. Experience Counts! Serving Irvine, CA and...

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Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning

Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning Services  Any building with tile needs regular cleaning and maintenance to keep it looking as attractive as the day the tiling was installed. Tile cleaning is fairly simple, it’s the grout in between that often presents a problem. Grout is porous, easily collecting dirt, grime and bacteria. Dirty, discolored grout can make even the most expensive tile look dull and unattractive. The PacWest team sees some of the worst cases of dirty grout and tile,...

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Travertine Tile Floor Cleaning Services

Travertine Tile Floor Cleaning Services Travertine, a type of limestone, can be left in its natural state, with no polishing. Travertine is a sedimentary rock formed from calcareous remains of plants and animals or precipitated from solution. It is natural Calcium Carbonate (CaCO3) and will yield lime when heated. Varies in hardness. Etched by acids. Porous with many visible holes, often filled with epoxy. Polishing powders tend to accumulate in the holes and can make clean-up difficult. Because it is soft and has epoxy-filled...

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Office Furniture Cleaning

Office Furniture Cleaning Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning PacWest Carpet & Tile Cleaning, Irvine, CA Upholstery Cleaning, Established in 1987,Upholstery Cleaning is the first and best Environmentally conscious steam cleaning company in Orange County, CA. We are fully Licensed, Trained and Certified. From our GREEN-SEAL Certified Premium Cleaning Products to our sustainable dumping practices PacWest Upholstery Cleaning, Irvine CA Upholstery Cleaning uses ONLY Ultra-Premium cleaning products that possess far...

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Powerful Steam Cleaning Truck-mounted Machines

Powerful Steam Cleaning Truck-mounted Machines PacWest utilizes the most cutting-edge custom Steam Cleaning Units available in the market today! Comparison of Portable and Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Machines There are two types of carpet cleaning machines that professionals use to clean your carpets with the hot water extraction method — the portable and the truck mount. The portable hot water extraction machine is just that: portable. They are small enough to be wheeled around and carried. Professional carpet cleaners use portable...

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